【Hymn Arrangement】

King of Kings (volume1):Organ Music of Black Composers, Past And Present
/James Abbington/GIA Publications,Inc.
King of Kings (volume2):Organ Music of Black Composers, Past And Present
/James Abbington/GIA Publications,Inc. #0103
Oxford Service Music for Organ(book1):Manuals And Pedals
/Anne Marsden Thomas/Oxford : Oxford University Press #0104
Oxford Service Music for Organ(book2)
/Anne Marsden Thomas/Oxford : Oxford University Press #0105
The Organist's Library (volume42)
/作者:NA/Lorenz Publishing Company #0106
The Organist's Library (volume46)
/作者:NA/Lorenz Publishing Company #0107
Hymn Tunes A to Z:38 Organ Settings for Worship or Recital
/Larry Shackley/Lorenz Publishing Company #0108
Angels Alleluias:A Celestial Christmas Celebration for Organ
/Anna Laura Page (Arranger)/Lorenz Publishing Company #0109
Christmas pipings:Yuletide Carols for Organ
/Dale Wood/Sacred Music Press #0110
Partita on New Britain(合集)
/Charles Callahan、Christopher Uehlein、Darwin Wolford、Jacques Berthier/出版商:NA #0111
Hymn exultations for organ
/Richard Unfreid/Hinshaw Music

【Organ Music】

#0201 Fugue for Advent No.31
/Anthony Milner/The H.W Cray Co.
#0202 Berceuse
/集叢名:compositions for the organ/Alexander Iljinsky/G.Schirmer
#0203 Prelude: for organ
/Ainslee Cox/Theodore Presser Co.
#0204 Star of the east
/Amanda Kennedy( Kenneth Walton)/Central Music Publishing Co.
#0205 Belgian mother's song
/集叢名:saint cerilia series/Transcr. and arr. by Charles M. Courboin/The H.W Cray Co.
#0206 Song of triumph
/Charles L.Talmadge/J.Fischer & Bro.
#0207 Laudamus Te
/Carl F.Mueller/G.Schirmer
#0208 Taiwanese suite(2003)
/Chelsea Chen/Wayne Leupold Editions
#0209 Nine psalms for organ
/Darwin Wolford/J.Fischer & Bro.
#0210 Perspective for organ:six easy pieces
/Don Muro/Hinshaw Music
#0211 The Star Spargled Banner op.23
/Dudley Buck(Edited by E.Power Biggs)/Warner Bros.
#0212 Andantino, in Db
/Edwin H. Lemare(Edited by Edwin ArthernKraft)/Chas.Ditson&Co.
#0213 In Arcady(Suite)
/Ethelbert Nevin/The Boston Music Co.
#0214 Concert gavotte
/集叢名:St. cecilia series of compositions of the organ/Edwin H. Lemare/The H.W Cray Co.
#0215 Consolation in Db
/集叢名:the boston music company edition of organ music/Franz Liszt /The Boston Music Co.
#0216 Across the plains
/集叢名:Schuberth's organ music/Frank Heffer/Edward Schuberth & Co.
#0217 Andante Maestoso: frome The "seven words of Jesus christ"
/Franz Joseph Haydn(Arr. by Ellen Jane Lorenz)/Lorenz Publishing Co.
#0218 Exultate Deo
/集叢名:Organ postludes/Frederic Lacey/The arthur P.Schmidt Co.
#0219 Two preludes on "the king's majesty"
/集叢名:saint cerilia series/Graham George/The H.W Cray Co.
#0220 Noel
/Georges Dub/J.Fischer & Bro.
#0221 A Summer's Day
/Geo.Dupont-Hansen/Clayton F.Summy Co.
#0222 The minster bells
/集叢名:saint cerilia series/H.A.Wheeldon/The H.W Cray Co.
#0223 6 Orgelchorale uber altdeutsche geistliche volkslider op.11
/Hermann Schroeder/SCHOTT
#0224 Sylvan sketches
/H.Helm Transcribed by George Lee Hamrick/The Boston Music Co.
#0225 Canzona
/Hugh Blair/The H.W Cray Co.
#0226 Chorale Prelude:"Liebster Jesu,wirsind hier"
/Irwin Fischer/Clayton F.Summy Co.
#0227 Andantino
/集叢名:saint cerilia series/Johann Friedrich Peter Arranged by Clarence Dickinson/The H.W Cray Co.
#0228 Selected Organ Works, Volume III
/集叢名:kalmus organ series/Johann Pachelbel/Edwin F. Kalmus
#0229 Fugue in B minor
/集叢名:standard series of organ compositions/J.S.Bach/The H.W Cray Co.
#0230 Choral prelude "o god be merciful to me"
/集叢名:standard series of organ compositions/J.S.Bach/The H.W Cray Co.
#0231 Canticle of Faith
/John Klein/Shawnee Press,Inc.
#0232 Postlude in F
/集叢名:organ composisions/J.E.Roberts/Theo. Presser Co.
#0233 Aria on my hope is built on nothing less
/John A.Behnke/CPH
#0234 Eleven Chorale Preludes op.122
/Johannes Brahms/Mercury Music Corporation
#0235 Organ Book (Ten Pieces)
/Jean Langlais/Theodore Presser Co.
#0236 Berceuse
/集叢名:selective compositions for the organ/John Klein/Elkan-Vogel Co.
#0237 24 Pieces De Fantaisie
/Louis Vierne/Henry Lemoine & Co.
#0238 Before night: frome outdoor suite for strings
/M. Wood-Hill/The Boston Music Co.
#0239 Dans la Gloire des Invalides:In the glory of the Invalides
/Marcel Dupre Reconstructed by David A. Stech/Wayne Leupold Editions
#0240 Bourree: in the style of handel
/集叢名:an ordan solo/Percy Wicker MacDonald/Clayton F.Summy Co.
#0241 Greensleeves (frome four carol preludes)
/Richard Purvis/Leeds Music Corporation
#0242 Five short pieces for organ
/Piter Racine Fricker/Augsburg Publishing House
#0243 Chorale prelude on "God himself is with us"
/集叢名:saint cerilia series/Arranged by Roberta Bitgood/The H.W Cray Co.
#0244 Three fantasies for organ
/Rudolph Kremer/Elkan-Vogel Co.
#0245 Carols for the Christ Child for the Organ
/Ralph E. Marryott/G.Schirmer
#0246 A mother's song
/Raymond Mcfeeters/The Composers Press
#0247 Meditation
/集叢名:two compositions for organ/Ralph Kinder/G.Schirmer
#0248 Berceuse
/Ralph Kinder/G.Schirmer
#0249 Christus Natus Est: Christmas suit for organ
/Robert Barrow/J.Fischer & Bro.
#0250 10 Organ Interludes  
/Seymour Bernstein/G.Schirmer
#0251 Serenity  
/Theron Wolcott Hart/Carl Fischer
#0252 Prelude Arioso  
/Wesley R.Bartlett/Carl Fischer
#0253 Prelude and fanfare for organ
/集叢名:music in manuscript series/Walter S. Hartley/Theodore Presser Co.
#0254 March of spring
/集叢名:organ composisions/William A. Wolf/Theodore Presser Co.
#0255 Meditaion religieuse: memories of dunfermline abbey
/William A. Wolf/Theodore Presser Co.
#0256 3 Hymns of Praise, Set 6
/Robert A. Hobby/MorningStar Music Publishers #0257 3 Hymns of Praise, Set 8
/Robert A. Hobby/MorningStar Music Publishers
#0258 3 Hymns of Praise, Set 1
/Robert A. Hobby/MorningStar Music Publishers
#0259 3 Hymns of Praise, Set 3
/Robert A. Hobby/MorningStar Music Publishers
#0260 3 Hymns of Praise, Set 4
/Robert A. Hobby/MorningStar Music Publishers
#0261 3 Hymns of Praise, Set 5
/Robert A. Hobby/MorningStar Music Publishers
#0262 3 Hymns of Praise, Set 7
/Robert A. Hobby/MorningStar Music Publishers

【Organ and Piano】

#0301 In God We Trust:Eight Festive Organ and Piano Duets for National Holidays
/John Innes/Lorenz Publishing Co.
#0302 New Piano Organ Duets
/Arr. by Tedd Smith & Don Hustad/Hope Publishing Co.
#0303 A Symphony of Spirituals
/Joel Raney/Hope Publishing Co.
#0304 How Lovely Is Thy Dwelling Place from Requiem
/Johannes Brahms Arr. by Billie Nastelin/The H.W Cray Co.
#0305 Ringing Bells
/Chihchun Chi-sun LeeArr. by Michael Sidney Timpson/NA
#0306 Christmas symphony
/集叢名:compositions for organ and piano No.8331/J.S Bach Arr. by W. A. Goldworthy/J.Fischer & Bro.
#0307 Gesu Bambino
/集叢名:compositions for organ and piano No.8425/Pietro A.Yon Arr. by W.A.Goldsworthy/J.Fischer & Bro.
#0308 Venite Adoremus
/集叢名:compositions for organ and piano No.8662/Robert Elmore/J.Fischer & Bro.

【Organ and other Music instruments】

#0401 Preludes for Flute and Organ:The church year and other occasions
/Charles Callahan/MorningStar Music Publishers
#0402 Concerto for Organ with Percussion Orchestra
/Lou Harrison/Peer Interational Corporation
#0403 Sonate (Flute,Oboe,Violine,Klarinette inB)
/John Stanley-Karlheinz HeB/Dr.J.Butz
#0404 A Christmas Idyll (with chimes)
/Marion Austin Dunn/Oliver Diston Co.
#0405 Organ and chimes: ten compositions
/Camil Van Hulse/R.D.Row Music Co.
#0406 Trumpet Tune (for organ and optional trumpt)
/Robert Lau/Hinshaw Music


#0501 Choral preludes for organ:63 original choral preludes
/集叢名:Everbody's favorite series No.65/Selected and Edited by Dr. Robert L. Bedell/Amsco Music Publishing
#0502 Historical recital series Volume1
/Edited and Arranged by Clarence Dickinson/The H.W Cray Co.
#0503 Ninety interludes: for use in the church servies
/Collected Arranged by Clarence Dickinson/The H.W Cray Co.
#0504 Ten eighteenth-century english voluntaries
/Edited by Richard Peek/Concordia Publishing House
#0505 Early spanish organ music
/Collected,Transcribed, and Edited by Joseph Muset/G.Schirmer
#0506 Church voluntaries: compositions for the reed organ
/Edited by MissIsabel Taylor/台灣教會公報社
#0507 A century of American organ music(1776~1876)
/Compiled and Edited by Barbara Owen/McAfee Music Corporation
#0508 Short classic pieces for organ:from the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries
/集叢名:console melodies/Selected and Arranged by Norris L. Stephens/J.Fischer & Bro.
#0509 The two manual organ
/Compiled by John Holler/The H.W Cray Co.
#0510 Ecclesiae organum: A book of organ music for the church music
/Compiled and Edited by Dr. William C. Carl/The John Church Co.
#0511 The church organist:part three
/Edited by Paul Thomas/Concordia Publishing House
#0512 The church organist:part four
/Edited by Paul Thomas/Concordia Publishing House
#0513 Organ music for joyous occasions
/Compiled by Jon Spong/Harold Flammer
#0514 The oxford book of christmas organ music
/Compiled by Robert Gower/Oxford University Press
#0515 Free Organ Accomplniments to one hundred well-known hymn tunes
/Comsed by T.Twetius Nobile/J.Fischer & Bro.
#0516 Triptych I
/集叢名:Music for a Sunday morning:1/Gerhard Krapf/Concordia Publishing House
#0517 Prelude, Air,Recessional
/集叢名:Music for a Sunday morning:2/Robert Cundick/Concordia Publishing House
#0518 Prelude,Voluntary,Postlude
/集叢名:Music for a Sunday morning:6/Harald Rohlig/Concordia Publishing House
#0519 Prelude,Air,Jig Fugue
/集叢名:Music for a Sunday morning:7/Jan Bender/Concordia Publishing House
#0520 Sonata II
/集叢名:Music for a Sunday morning:8/Charles W.Ore/Concordia Publishing House


#0601 Pedal Mastery for Organ
/Joyce Jones/Alfred Publishing Co.
#0602 Creator spirit, heavenly dove: A Hymn Alternation
/Walter L.Pelz/Concordia Publishing house
#0603 Forty-one elevations
/Pour Harmonivm/J.Fischer & Bro.
#0604 Fifty elevations:for organ on modal themes
/Dom Paul Benoit, O.S.B/J.Fischer & Bro.

【Organ Literature】

#0701 Improvisation for organists
/集叢名:Making music/Jan Overduin/Oxford University Press
#0702 Organ technique an fistorical approach
/Sandra Soderlund/Hinshaw Music
#0703 Chance of key models for festival worship
/Frederick W.Kemper/Concordia Publishing house
#0704 Pipe organ registration
/Jack.C.Goode/Abingdon Press
#0705 Danish-English Dictionary
/作者:NA/Berlitz Publishing
#0706 簡明德漢辭典
/鍾英彥審訂/Lanbridge Book Co.
#0707 謙卑的藝術:應用數字低音 /作者:劉信宏/南神出版社 #0708 給作曲、鋼琴家的管風琴手冊 /作者:劉信宏/南神出版社


#0801 Aureole Editions:Two Carols for Chorus (SATB) and Organ
#0802 As Truly as God is Our Father
/William Mathias/Oxford
#0803 What can I Give Him?
/Christina Rossetti、Jean Anne、Shafferman、Mark Hayes/出版商:NA
#0804 禮頌:The Liturgical Music of Msgr. Anthony Lau Chi-Ming(附CD)
#0805 Schantz (附CD)
#0806 Pie Jesu
/Andrew Lloyd Webber/The Really Useful Co.


#0901 A Couple of French Fifths(1CD)
/Organist Frederick Hohman/Pro Organ Inc.
#0902 TourBus goes to Disney Hall(1CD)
#0903 The digital Brobe's Dictionary
/作者:NA/CD Sheet Music
#0904 French Romantic Organ Music:The Ultimate Collection
/作者:NA/CD Sheet Music
#0905 Baroque Organ Works:The Ultimate Collection
/作者:NA/CD Sheet Music
#0906 Pulling out all the stops:The pipe organ in America
/作者:NA/Independent Communications Associates INC.
#0907 Midnight pipes:3 Organs of memorical church at Stanford
/Robert Bates、Frederick Hohman/Zarex Co.
#0908 The joy of music
/Diane Bish/出版商:NA
#0909 初春的音樂饗宴:2011.02.27(2CD)
#0910 優秀會員音樂會:2012.09.02
#0911 2014第一屆管風琴大賽:2014.07.20(2CD)
/演出者:魏佳玲、何培怡、李聖文、余曉怡、賈嘉文、李永嫻/Meowl Audio Viseo Studio
#0912 Renaissance and Baroque Organs in Bohemia and Moravia (1CD)/
演奏者:Pavel Kohout/Ifo classics #0913 Anima Aurea Bohemiae Loreto Prague (1CD)/ 演奏者:Pavel Kohout/Ifo classics #0914 BBB Buxtehude Böhm Bach (1CD)/ 演奏者:Pavel Kohout/Ifo classics #0915 Genius Johann Sebastian Bach (1CD)/ 演奏者:Pavel Kohout/Ifo classics #0916 Bach (1CD)/ 演奏者:Stefan Kiessling/Ortus Musikverlag


#1001 Schantz (附CD)
#1002 The American Organist(2005 Sep.)
#1003 The American Organist(2013 Feb.)
#1004 The American Organist(2013 June)
#1005 The American Organist(2013 Oct.)
#1006 The American Organist(2013 Nov.)
#1007 The American Organist(2013 Dec.)
#1008 Star-Spangled Baltimore
#1009 The Parish of St.Cuthbert Edinburgh


從16世紀到20世紀,從古典音樂到聖詩,管風琴將帶給您超乎想像的音樂空間: 曲目:
01. Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck (1562-1621)
Est ce Mars
02. Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)
Prelude and Fugue in B Minor, BWV 544
03. Johannes Brahms (1833-1897)
Prelude and Fugue in G Major, WoO 10
04. Andre Fleury (1903-1995)
Second movement from Deuxieme
05. Marcel Dupre (1886-1971)
Prelude and Fugue in C Major op. 36, No.3
06. Marcel Dupre (1886-1971)
Cortege et Litanie, Op, 19, No.2
07. Jehan Alain (1911-1940)
08. Jehan Alain (1911-1940)
09. William Bolcom (b. 1938)
Sweet Hour of Prayer
10. William Bolcom (b. 1938)
Fantasy on O Zion Haste and How Firm a Foundation 【靈韵心聲-陳韵芬鋼琴詩篇】 2007年二月為回應上帝的呼召,我回到台灣服事。 這是困難的決定,因為回台灣必須放棄在美國的好工作及良好管風琴音樂的環境。然而確信是上帝的帶領,我就對主說:「主啊!我情願。」 音樂一直是我生命裡不可或缺的一部份。 記得小時候,爸爸會坐在旁邊陪我練琴,每首100遍;當其他小朋友玩得開心的時候,我卻在練琴。當我十歲時,父親突然的去世,母親只得母兼父職一人辛苦的養育我和妹妹。成長過程中教會(尤其是雙連教會)更是我生命中重要的一部份,許多基督徒對我家庭的愛與支持,讓我經歷上帝滿滿的愛。無論過去、現今、甚至未來,上帝必都一直與我們同在。 這張CD收錄我所喜愛的曲子,它們曾經是我在困難時的陪伴與幫助。希望這些曲子也能成為你心靈的甘泉,徬徨無助時的亮光。因為在神凡事都能! 【聖詩之美 III 】 專輯入圍了今年第25屆的最佳宗教專輯,由美國管風琴家協會會長約翰‧沃克博士(Dr. John Walker)擔任管風琴伴奏/編曲,管風琴+合唱+銅管+定音鼓+手鐘專輯,懇請大家多多支持!



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